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Stakerazis and Craigslist just some funny stuff

Attack of the Stalkeratzi and Craigslist anonymous asshole#567483
So I have been accused of writing very poorly and with bad grammar and run on sentences, did you catch that, I bet you did. I have received massive amounts of penis pictures, hate mail and very strong opinionated views on the way I write. I think that ironic I never saw a show on critics of critics have you? I could be onto something there maybe I should call the Dispatch and say hey, you have to do a new column on critics. My writing style is a little different then most , but not that much more different than say Hemmingway or Heller , both authors that not only ignored the rule for cutting up run on sentences but seemingly loved to use the m. If you ever heard a critic talk like say on the radio you might notice that thy too speak in very long sentences , but I guess in today’s h-speed world of ADD and porn people just do not have the time to read long sentences. Now I know I do not write as well as the authors I mentioned but I do believe that I really haven’t broken any grammar rules , and if I have so fucking what. I am writing about music and yes music has rules but like any art the rules are often broken. Now let’s take a look at what some people have said about me and this blog. Jeff the stalker I mean critic from Toledo ( why he’s looking on the Columbus Craigslist kind of shows how much time this musician has to spend on music) pointed out some errors that I corrected but then continued to write , have a look
“Is this some kind of joke? I clicked on the link and read some of your blog. Please....tell me this is a joke!

The grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills displayed on that blog are of a third grade level at best!
What I am Blogging and Bernie's Bagels and Deli
"Blogging" has two "g's" in it! The TITLE of your blog has a glaring misspelling in it, for crying' out loud!

"Well fist let me get into what I plan to do with this blog, my mission statement or goal here."

FIST? Seriously...FIST? Besides the fact that your very first "sentence" contains another glaring isn't even a grammatically-correct sentence!

And your blog just contains more and more and more of this nonsense.

Don't you think that before you offer your services as a should actually learn how to write? Why, oh why, would anyone want a review written by someone that has a misspelled word in the TITLE of their blog?

Good grief. I really hope this is a joke. Hey...if it is...ya got me! ...ha, ha ha.

(419) 478-0305
website: “
Here is how I responded, not in the best of light but you know everyone’s is a critic
“Sue Collins to Jeff
show details Mar 4 (5 days ago)
Hey thanks jeff I did misspell first well sometimes you mess things up and spellchecker did not catch it. As far as bog goes I did fix that too however until Webster’s actually prints blog or blogging I think it might a little too early to say a word made up of two words (web and log) is an actual word like say ain't or woudja or couldja and it might just be slang, even if wikipedia says so. Now of course I being a woman would need a man from Toledo to correct her, so thanks again for pointing out some errors I am sure someone like you has never made a mistake and thank you for having some balls man ape to email me and let me know. Also I can't believe my bloggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg already reached Toledo and ha already caused a person on Craigslist to feel the need to point out their superiority, but it make me feel nice. Also your display of the BBB rating in your email is unimpressive it's not that hard to get an A+ once you join and it just further displays your primal need to show male dominance to a little girl .”
And because Jeff’s ego is not going to let that go he took the time to respond with
“It is somewhat telling that a person who thinks they have the authority to review other people and the work of other people is: a) such a poor writer, and b) incredibly thin-skinned.

Apparently, you think you have what it takes to "dish it out". But obviously, you don't have what it takes to "take it".

For your information, my BBB rating appears at the top of every original e-mail that I's part of my "e-mail signature".

Also...for your information....if you click on the link that takes you to our BBB rating, you'll discover that On the Beach is NOT a BBB-affiliated business. That means we're not a BBB "member", and have never paid the BBB one single penny.

My BBB rating doesn't display any sort of "primal need" just serves to illustrate that I operate a legitimate business, and have done so for many years. I don't doubt for a second that such a concept is unimpressive to you.” And of course he fell for my dig on him proving that yes I was correct in pointing out he has an ego problem and he can’t stand a little girls opinion.
He wrote some more but I blocked him because once you realize someone is a potential stalker you should avoid all contact with that person… And here I believe might be the same guy might not but he doesn’t even have the balls to email me, probably knows better then to let me get his email.
“I’m really and truly not trying to hate on you, but it makes me very angry when someone bags on a musician or venue that proves to have no room to talk. Please, please, please get help with your writing before posting. (Maybe I can help, who knows?) The venues will appreciate it, and you will stop getting blasted for putting yourself out there as a writer when you are clearly not. I actually kind of liked a couple of your descriptions (i.e. "twisted Bob Hope") but it is lost when it is so difficult to understand what is being said because the writing is not up to par.

Here's your explanation: "Second let me say that this blog is just my opinion and something new and different I am trying so if you don’t like it or think it’s written at a third grade level or see a typo know some things here, it’s just my opinion and that’s all you should always judge for your self and I am just trying to get some bands and venues reviewed from my perspective and not one of a pandering local music writer , I need to write at a basic level so everyone can understand it ,like the Dispatch or almost any other newspaper and please don’t blow up my email with hate mail trying to argue with me you stalkers."

1. The blog is not new or different. It's the same as anyone else who is giving an opinion about local places, only it's very hard to understand.
2. There is a HUGE difference between "writing at a basic level" and "writing clearly, concisely, and grammatically correctly." The paragraph I quoted even needs a serious re-write and you really, really, really should consider using an editor to help you out. I will agree that the writing is "at a basic level" in that there are common mistakes that any 7th grader should be able to fix.
3. From a review on your site: "rift" is a fight that people get into, "riff" is a set of notes strung together that musicians use.
4. Not sure that "pandering" is the word that suits the point being made, is it?
5. The Dispatch would not print the reviews in their current state of poor writing. Sorry.
6. People are not "arguing" with you, people are trying to assist you. When a person puts herself out there as a writer and wants people to ask her to review them, one can't believe that poor writing wouldn't get a response.

So, if you've read all the way to here (and I hope you have) then perhaps consider either A) take the advice and help offered, or B)stop posting your work on Craig's List if you don't want the "Grammar Police" to "stalk" you. Good luck!

And here is one from the website Donewaitng .com
Strange Tales for Late At Night-Casey Redmond [delete]
Okay [delete] Let’s take a walk down a strange path of humor and rockabilly horror shows [ed. how do you ‘walk down’ a horror show?] with Casey Redmond from the Columbus area. [delete. replace: with Columbus' Casey Redmond.] Casey is a one-man band who plays guitar and the juice harp while singing about werewolves, witches and - my favorite - Superman’s cousin Larry. Casey has the rockabilly / fifties' style of rock down. His recorded [delete] vocals come [add: across] as a country singer rockabilly great [delete] [ed.'country crooner?'] something like [delete. add: meets] a twisted Bob Hope telling you a story of how his mother is a witch [delete] . His guitar tones move back [delete] from electro acoustic to straight rock accordingly and [delete. new sentence.] I think I heard a Billy Idol riff in there for added humor [delete] add 'effect' . He incorporates samples on his recording [delete] to recreate a rocking [delete. replace with 'a sort of'] Halloween record for the ages, “Strange Tales for Late at Night” that doesn’t need the fall season or costumed holiday to be listened to or enjoyed. His sense of humor is somewhat witty (ed. as opposed to a sense of humor that lacks wit?) ,as can be heard on "King of Roswell High ’65" and [delete. new sentece] His Halloween party music [delete] influence is reflected well in "Something in the Woods" then he [delete. new sentence: He then] breaks into a 60’s [delete. replace: sixties.] desert out west [delete] rock feel [delete. replace: territory] with "Bela Lugosi’s Grave.". He takes a good dig at Scooby Doo [ed. those good ole' Scooby Doo digs never fall out of fashion] in "Haunted House movie Plot 101" in some sort of harmonica surf rock mashup#, and gets a little bit bluesy in "Bowling with Godzilla." Casey also does [delete. performs] covers by Chuck Berry, the Stones, Carl Perkins and a few others and I'll bet he can do an awesome, authentic " House of the Rinsing [Rising] Sun" version and [delete. new sentence] If not, he should. All [delete] His songs seem to take you back to the 50’ [delete. replace: fifties.] but still have modern humor, so you don’t feel like you are at your grandpa’s house [ed. guilding the grandpa]. I’m sure he has a hard time finding gigs in Columbus and that’s too bad [ed. why?]. If you dig rockabilly and Halloween you should check Casey out. You can see him at the Village Tavern in Kirkersville on March 11th and find his record "Strange Tales for Late at Night" on iTunes, Amazon, Napster and CD baby.
Casey [delete. replace with "Strange Tales for Late at Night"] gets 4 out of 5 Sue Stars and his [delete. new sentence. replace: The] album Strange Tales for Late at Night [delete] gets a big fat [delete] "Buy this" stamp from Sue.
If you look closely you can see where he had a few typos in his edits showcasing his awesome editing skills.
Now they both took the time to not only read the blogs but, in the first posting critique it and the second retype what I have written. Also hey man you from the Methodists you wouldn’t get a good review from me and your edits on my blog are really just matters of opinion . Now I will give you a little credit you did find like two grammar errors but that’s all.
And once again if I did type something wrong or if my grammar seems a little funny to you well we both know these simple words could work.” Dear Sue I Don’t like you.” Now if my blog offends your male ego , and all that choose to respond with this crap were male, then I suggest you do what I did and write a blog and man did I see some very tiny dicks in those emails.
So unfortunately I don’t have a lot of ways to get people to look at my blog and local acts in Columbus don’t have a lot of ways to get attention without Craigslist, and like Billy the Cool and the Whips say” People on Craigslist are assholes.”

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