Saturday, March 5, 2011

Casey Redmond's album Strange Tales For A Late Night

Strange Tales for Late At Night-Casey Redmond
Okay let’s take a walk down a strange path of humor and rockabilly horror shows with Casey Redmond from the Columbus area. Casey is a one man band who plays guitar and the “juice-harp” while singing about werewolves, witches and my favorite Superman’s Cousin Larry. Casey has the rockabilly slash 50’s rock style down. His recorded vocals come out as a country singer rockabilly great and something like a twisted Bob Hope telling you a story of how his mother is a witch. His guitar tones move back from electro acoustic to straight rock accordingly and I think I heard a Billy Idol rift in there for added humor. He incorporates samples on his recording to recreate a rocking Halloween record, “Strange Tales for Late at Night” that doesn’t need the fall season or costumed holiday to be listened to or enjoyed. His sense of humor is somewhat witty as heard in King of Roswell High ’65 and his Halloween party music influence is reflected well in Something in the Woods then he breaks into a 60’s desert out west rock feel with Bela Lugosi’s Grave.. He takes a good dig at Scooby Doo in Haunted House movie Plot 101 in some sort of harmonica surf rock mashup , and gets a little bit bluesy in Bowling with Godzilla. Casey also does covers by Chuck Berry the Stones and Carl Perkins and a few others and I bet he can do an awesome authentic House of the Rinsing Sun version and if not he should. All his songs seem to take you back to the 50’ but still have modern humor so you don’t feel like you are at your grandpa’s house. I’m sure he has a hard time finding gigs in Columbus and that’s too bad. If you dig rockabilly and Halloween you should check Casey out. You can see him at the Village Tavern in Kirkersville on March 11th and find his record Strange Tales for Late at Night on iTunes, Amazon, Napster and CD baby.
Casey gets 4 out of 5 sue stars and his album Strange Tales for Late at Night gets a big fat Buy This stamp from Sue. 4/5 Sue stars

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