Thursday, March 10, 2011

Of Human and panty droppers

Hey kids let’s take a look at an up and coming band OF HUMAN a four piece form Columbus an you may have heard them on the Blitz’s choose it or loose it contest. They have an album on iTunes called Pacify but let’s just take a look at the band first. Go to there myspace page and you see very hip very trendy pictures of the band, giving us an idea of what we are dealing with right away, image. Now the singer does have some skills, well the whole band seems very proficient at what they do in a technical way. but what bout substance? Sure the band has the whole screamo emo nu rock style down but that’s it. The song Pacify is filled with the singer hitting the highs and heavy guitar riffs and drum hits but what is the song really saying other than how look good we are? Say Goodbye Society gets a little bit deeper but deeper in a kiddy pool kind of way, I’m sure I heard this song before from a band called Disturbed or random band from the nu rock section of the Blitz. Third Degree Homecoming shows off some of the drummers skills but once again the band has been put through some musical jell mold., and any artistic creative skills seem secondary to writing a panty dropper. The lead guitar player has a future but I would suggest he find a band where he can show off his skills and become a more prominent figure in the creative writing process and experiment more, not just rehashing clichéd hooks from popular rock off the past ten years. If you want to have some background music and hear some panty droppers while you look dreamingly into the eyes of their pictures but it doesn’t work on this chic. I would like to see this band move in a more experimental or darker area, maybe even get a dirtier sound as the clean processed recordings they have also add to that plastic manufactured vibe they give off. Maybe they hope to hit a Warped tour or sell some Vans in a commercial and that’s their goal, to that I say you have a future in marketing but not in artistic compositions.
3/5 Sue stars mostly because they play well but that’s all I think they do well but hey check them out yourself and form your own opinion.

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