Thursday, March 17, 2011

R&R and are you looking for some old school?

IS this band the secret David Gilmour project? Did Gilmour give up the spotlight and sneak to Ohio to play underground contemporary but let his style slip in the music? NO, just two guys from Ohio constructing music in a Gilmour-ish vein. Don’t let that get in the way the also branch out in some more adult alt rock styles. Getting Older, I Don’t Want To Die, and I Call Your Name Love, all seem heavily influenced by 1980’s Pink Floyd but dig a little deeper in their catalogue and you find some equality interesting work. My Day has a guitar riff maybe inspired by early works by The Police, and Rin Tin Tin has an early 90’s rock garage band feel to it. As far as being a classic rock band they hit the mark well but don’t get confused by what kind of classic rock, this is not Bach rock or what rhymes with Bach. The band seems to aim for the mellower classic rock feel, not so much Rick Springfield or John (not Cougar) Mellencamp or even Journey so much as it’s that early 1980’s pre synth pre Bach reggae rhythms and they do a good job at it. Mr. Okay Mr. Okay has an Alice in Chains sound so maybe their influences’ go a lot further than the first few songs on their player would give, and you might just find something you like too. Being a classic band tin Ohio in a local music scene that pushes very progressively forward in both rock and art they kick it back old school without being a band that has to showcase what kind of covers they do to get the audiences attention.
3.75/5 Sue stars and I say check them out if you are into the classic rock mellow sound but don’t just take my word for it , form your own opinion.

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