Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ruby Tuesday , lacking the luster

Yeah Ruby looks nice; it has a good atmosphere in the daytime, pre-show. The sound is good, better than Bernie’s and not to much mindless frat boy action, unless you count the house next door. The place is an IN kind of joint where bands might get booked, but unless you are in the secret circles of hipness in Columbus no one is coming to see you. Example somehow the Andy Shaw band networked and promoted their way into this circle (All those people in his band no wonder) and became some sort of icon for Columbus music (???) and it all happens here (some exceptions at a couple of other bars) . The crowd around the bar will welcome you at first, especially if you are a pretty lady (like me dark hair skinny dress tats),yet if you aren’t hip look out they will smell it on you right over their PBR’s and imported lager in a second. Most people don’t seem to come here for the music, that if you give a chance might discover something outside of the Dead tribute knock offs or even the Andy Shaw band, but mostly they come here to be seen here at the bands gig. The bathrooms are down the stairs and make a lady feel nervous when you’re down there with a button up shirt and jeans hipster male or hard core drugged out hippie/punk kid starring at your chest. The place might think of ways of getting more people in the door so the empty bar at in the basement could open up and give the place a something different then every other bar in Columbus. This is yet another place where a lot of the clients are too cool to pay or watch the talent because there is cable TV on the patio and smoking. Ruby Tuesday is also a place that has been around for awhile and I heard rumors of very famous and iconic underground acts playing here and I just have to ask what happened? Maybe the bar staff could take a tip or two from Ms. Manners and be a little bit less snooty to the locals or older crowds and those crowds could get a little bit more of an opened mind and the hipsters could just try to stop making everything so exclusive, if you can follow my Keller-ish sentences without needing to pause every five words for a period. Some good acts do come through here and it might be a better place if you just came out and stopped worrying about who is playing here, that’s how a scene works not the like clicks that invade to watch their friend’s band and dip after they are finished that inhabit the place now.
2 stars my quest for local original music continues in Columbus good luck kids.
1978 Summit St
Columbus, OH 43201 40.0035 -83.0007

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